Cartridge World Bloomingdale Offers 5 Tips for Laser Toner Cartridge Care

laser toner cartridge from Cartridge World BloomingdaleWith the holidays just around the corner, people tend to increase their printer use, whether at home or work.  Cartridge World Bloomingdale would like to offer 5 Tips for “Laser Toner Cartridge Care” to help extend the life of your laser toner.

  1. Keep in a climate controlled setting – One of the ways to ruin a laser loner cartridge is to expose it to extreme heat or cold.  It is recommended that it be stored in a location where the climate is controlled and that it never be left in a car.
  2. Do not open the cartridge – Laser toner cartridges have electronic components that are easily damaged.  Do not open the cartridge as you may accidentally damage these components and lose the ability to use your cartridge.
  3. Do not expose to excessive light – the components in the cartridge are light-sensitive.  Be sure to store your cartridge in its box until you are ready to use it.
  4. Refill quickly – Leaving a toner empty for long periods of time may damage the components in the cartridge
  5. Do not touch the electrical components – The electrical components are easily damaged.

Remember: if your hands or clothes become stained with toner, wash them with lukewarm water and soap. For clothes, simply brush off outside in the open air. Do not wash toner-stained clothes in hot water as the toner will set into a permanent stain. Use cold water only.

At Cartridge World Bloomingdale we want to meet all your printing needs.  We are offering an exclusive FREE OFFER for printer cartridges at our store right now.  Visit our Facebook page or call 630.893.6300 to learn more about it and other current offers.

About Cartridge World

Cartridge World in Bloomingdale, Illinois is a locally owned and operated ink and toner refill center. We guarantee all of our work and offer free delivery. On average, consumers, businesses and institutions save 1/3 or more when they Go Green and refill their cartridges.
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