Cartridge World Is Featured By Living Well News in a “Stretching Your Dollar” Segment

Recently Cartridge World was featured in a News report by Living Well News.  In their “Stretching Your Dollar” segment, Kat Cosley tells the viewer that instead of buying a new ink cartridge, they can save money by buying a refilled ink cartridge from standalone stores like Cartridge World.

Clay Deaton, an independent Cartridge World Store owner, explains that they can refill any cartridge from the printer and ink cartridge makers.  He also explains about the 100% guarantee that stands behind each refill.  Cartridge World guarantees that the customer will not notice a difference in the quality of ink or the number of pages printed by using one of their refilled ink cartridges.  He points out that an HP 56 ink cartridge is $21.99 at a big box store, but only $12.50 at Cartridge World.  Another example of savings is paying for a recycled $79.00 for a toner cartridge instead of $129.00 for a new toner cartridge.  He also assures the viewer that the store checks each cartridge by printing a test page before selling it to the customer.

Kat Cosley points out that some of the additional perks offered by Cartridge World are a free pick-up and delivery for business customers.  Additionally, customers can drop off your empty cartridge and pick up a full cartridge that has already been refilled saving them time as well as money. Kat goes on to interview two business owners that have been using Cartridge World services.  Both owners talked about how knowledgeable the store employees are and the savings that they experienced by using the refill service.

The report concludes by pointing out the refill savings calculator that can be found on line at the Cartridge World website.  Come visit us at 358 W. Army Trail, Bloomingdale IL, and let us help you start saving money today. You can also find us on Facebook.

About Cartridge World

Cartridge World in Bloomingdale, Illinois is a locally owned and operated ink and toner refill center. We guarantee all of our work and offer free delivery. On average, consumers, businesses and institutions save 1/3 or more when they Go Green and refill their cartridges.
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